Official Video – Same Sad Song

The heaviest hitter on Stones Bleed Honey is easily the hard-edged stomper Same Sad Song, the video for which was released on September 22, 2016. Filmed at the Lincoln County Social Club in Toronto (where the song was also recorded), the video was directed by Paul Gardner, along with Patrick O’Sullivan, Dean Henry, and Steven Butler. It included appearances from Stacey Dowswell, David MacDougall, Kevin Neal, Dave Chan, and Scott Remila, and Paul Reddick.

Live at the Dakota, Toronto

The Album release party for Stones Bleed Honey was a special night that celebrated not just Darcy’s achievement and the release of his long-awaited album, but all the talent that went into it. Many of the talented contributers to the album made appearances on stage that night, and rang in the album with all the pomp and style it deserves.

Credit to aBabe Music for videography and editing.

Live at the Painted Lady, Toronto

Recorded in the hours leading up to he and cohort Kevin Neal’s departure for their 2014 General Tour across central and western Canada, these three tracks present Darcy in duo form at one of Toronto’s prettiest venues.

Credit to aBabe Music for videography and editing.