Tennitist: Indie Roundup | Ten New Songs To Start Your Week Off Right

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There are as many ways to be lonely as there are lonely people. Still, you’d think by this time most of the permutations and possibilities had been covered by the countless songwriters who have broached the subject. You’d be wrong. Toronto singer-songwriter Darcy Windover has put a new and personal twist on the familiar theme with his stirring heartland-folk cut How To Be Lonely, the first single from his upcoming album Cope. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “That song was written a few weeks after my mother was moved into a nursing home in Toronto,” Windover explains. “Having spent most of her life in Sarnia, and in spite of being closer to her sons, she said, ‘Well, I guess this is how to be lonely.’ That phrase stuck with me and the song wrote itself in about five minutes. The intention was to capture the feeling of someone who is feeling overwhelmed, mentally fragile and alone.” Listen now, then call your mother.

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