Common' out to the Cameron House!

Join Darcy and his band, along with Shawn William Clarke, Abagail Lapell, Scarlet Jane, and Melanie Brûlée. September 23, 6pm

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You can also catch Darcy from 9-midnight on the first Thursday of every month at The Gate 403, and Sundays at Opera Bob’s Public House with the Ole Fashion.

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"Rugged, rootsy, and rippling with talent..."

− Jim Di Gioia, Quick Before it Melts

"His vocals are a combination of emotion and smoothness.
The lyrics touch home in both an expected manner and with an unexpected tug at the heartstrings"

− Lloydminster Source, Tom Pierson

"Like any great artist with something new to say, Windover manages to do so while laying bare his influences—
those bits of the old that, done right, fit organically among the new."

− Matthew James, aBabe Music

"… His performances were the single best surprise of the weekend. Pure and sweet Americana, stirred with generous helpings of psycho-billy, pop and country makes Darcy a great fit for any festival. Artistic directors would do well to pay attention."

− Lionel Conant – Organizer/founder of Music on the Mountain Festival